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Dr. Keith Lequay is an Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience facilitating human and

organizational development (OD) in the Caribbean and USA. His institutional interventions,  executive coaching and consulting work are focused on harnessing the creativity and imagination to  develop and sustain healthy organisations. As a former commercial banker and entrepreneur, he is  also familiar with the personal and market challenges of starting and developing a new business,  including the recruitment and motivation of selected employees.

He provides Whole System consultations which include exploration of the psychodynamics at work

in leadership, individuals and groups that hinder organisational efficacy. He has lived and worked

across the Caribbean and was an MBA lecturer and practicum supervisor for the UWI - A. Lok Jack

graduate business school and the International University of the Caribbean. He is a member of the

Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica, a former president  president of T&T Association of

Psychologists and an associate and consultant of the AKRice Institute (USA).

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