Idea Lab was born out of an ideation process by Co-founders Sheldon Powe and Jason Clarke as a business incubator to fast track the growth of small businesses, specifically those focused in technology. A traditional business incubator facilitates the growth of a small businesses by providing needed physical space requirements in terms of affordable office space, but also business support services. We have taken things a little further.

Collaboration is key to the sustainable growth of a small business and provides IDEAS to entrepreneurs by being able to freely share, explore and build on a simple idea. Our facility is designed recognizing the power of collaboration.


Our Mission is to provide holistic set of services to support startups and small businesses looking for growth, through partnership and the sharing of ideas. Our vision is to inspire, motivate and encourage entrepreneurship through collaboration.


Jason Clarke is a dedicated business development professional with a wealth of experience in healthcare, finance, technology, education and distribution. In his role as General Manager for Optimum Trading Limited, is responsible for the crafting of overall strategy for the growth and development of the company. As the chief business development officer, he serves as the architect for major institutional transactions and key business opportunities. He has extensive business development experience in the Caribbean, United States, Central and South  America, Asia and Africa.

Sheldon Powe is the head of the technology team for JMMB Group. Sheldon oversees the technology platform both in Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic for the bank.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the West Indies, as well as a Master's in Industrial and System Engineering from the University of Florida. He also serves as president of the Jamaica Computer Society and instrumental for the growth and development of the technology landscape in Jamaica. He is also Chairman of Optimum Trading Limited, a market leader in the dental supplies market.

4A Sylvan Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica | info@idealabja.com

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